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Greetings and welcome to our new Blogger blog page, Wisefocus Designs News!

Blogger makes the task of creating and using a blog for your business an easy job and it is included in the Google Apps range. 

Blogs are very important part of your internet profile. With blogs, you can inform, and/or entertain your clients, while adding content to the internet that is associated and attributed to your company or organisation. Google likes blogs and any blogs associated with your online presence will improve your ranking in search engine results.

You can, in effect, also create blogs using Wordpress.com, Tumblr, or even use Facebook to make a page. However, the Blogger platform not only uses SEO based structure and html to edit a page, it also comes with Google Analytics built in. This means when you create a Blogger blog it is automatically ready for SEO.

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Where to start?

To create a blog using Blogger, you need to have a Google account. If you have already invested wisely in a G Suite subscription for your business or organisation, then this is available for you to use now.

To get started on your new blog, follow this link to get started on Blogger

If you are new to this and would like help with getting started, feel free to contact us at Wisefocus Designs for a consultation - the initial enquiry is free.

Attribution: the blogger image is from Wikimedia Commons